Our Funding Programs

Community Grants

In our effort to drive support and build capacity to historically disadvantaged communities, TPIF has identified Focus Communities and Populations as places of emphasis for our work; Underserved Geographies (Rural, Border, Towns & Small Cities, Urban Segments), People of Transgender Experience, People of Color, Seniors, Youth, People with Disabilities, and Displaced Peoples (Immigrants, Homeless Youth, Refugees, Incarcerated).

Our annual Community Grants for non-profits provide support and services to the state’s LGBTQ+ communities with grants up to $10,000. In 2022 the total amount awarded increased by 40% over prior years due to growth in our generous donor base in conjunction with expanding awareness of TPIF and our work supporting the vital ecosystem of LGBTQ+ supportive non-profits in Texas. Our accessible grantmaking is designed to learn more about the community and the potential of grantee organizations in addressing community needs. We refrain from prescribing specific outcomes and instead provide general operating support, occasionally for specific capacity initiatives, encouraging potentially different kinds of success that come from investment in community or grassroots knowledge, expertise, and ingenuity.

Texas Health Impact Grant Cohort

Texas Health Impact Grant program is a three-year program designed for grassroots organizations currently leading work, or seeking to develop innovative work, focused on two key areas: 1) Linkage and Engagement to Care and 2) Advocacy for People Living with HIV/AIDS, those vulnerable to HIV, and their families, particularly focusing on Black and Latinx transgender individuals and Black and Latinx MSM. Selected by ViiV Healthcare as one of thirteen AMP Grant Program Leads in the nation, TPIF is a proud member of a nationwide cohort working to disrupt disparities and prioritize the needs of people living with, and impacted by, HIV across the US. Through a generous Racial Equity Fund grant from The Dallas Foundation, we are increasing the number of Dallas County organizations participating in our three-year program, with state-wide funding from ViiV Healthcare.

See the organizations in our Texas Health Impact Cohort.


Our history for emergency funding began in 2017 with an award to the Montrose Center (Houston) Emergency Christmas Fund for Hurricane Harvey victims. This very first grant by TPIF, as a start-up organization, was a full year before our Community Grant cycle that began in 2018. TPIF with Equality Texas Foundation (ETF) launched Queer Texas Crisis Fund (QTCF) in 2020 as an innovative partnership to support LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations providing $50,000 emergency relief to organizations serving communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. The partnership responded again in 2022 to the politically motivated, cascading attacks on trans youth and their families and the broader transgender, gender-nonbinary communities of Texas with $75,000 in Rapid Response funding to trans-led and supportive organizations. In 2023, we are relaunching the fund and fundraising efforts to assist communities directly impacted by anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that passed during the 88th Legislative Session. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Please give to QTCF 2023 Today!

Our Grantees

OrganizationCity / RegionAmountGrant Description Year Focus
Abilene Pride AllianceAbilene$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Abilene Pride AllianceAbilene$4,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Abounding ProsperityDallas$3,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Abounding ProsperityDallas$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
AIDS Outreach CenterFort Worth$5,000QTCF2020General Operations
AIDS Services AustinAustin$8,000Community Grant2019General Operations
AIDS Services AustinAustin$5,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
AIDS Services of Dallas Dallas $3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
AIDS Walk South DallasDallas$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
AIDS Walk South DallasDallas$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
AIDS Walk South DallasDallas$2,851QTCF2020General Operations
allgoAustin$3,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
allgoAustin$2,477QTCF2020General Operations
allgoAustin$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
allgoAustin$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Alphabet ArmyTyler$10,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Amarillo Area Transgender Advocacy GroupAmarillo$2,565QTCF2022General Operations
ASHwellAustin$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
ASHwellAustin$5,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
Austin RainbowAustin$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
BEAT AIDSSan Antonio$4,490QTCF2020General Operations
Beyond BrothaCentral Texas$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Black Ladies in Public HealthArlington$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Black Trans Advocacy CoalitionDallas$3,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$7,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Borderland Rainbow CenterEi Paso$10,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$2,568QTCF2020General Operations
Borderland Rainbow CenterEl Paso$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Borderland Rainbow CenterPaso Del Norte$9,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Campaign for Southern EqualityTexas$10,000Community Grant2023Emergency Unrestricted
Campaign for Southern EqualityTexas$4,061QTCF Rapid Grant2024 Emergency Unrestricted
Campaign for Southern EqualityTexas$2,300QTCF2022General Operations
Coalition for Aging LGBTNorth Texas$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Coalition for Aging LGBTNorth Texas$10,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Coalition for Aging LGBTDallas$5,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Coastal Bend Pride CenterCorpus Christi$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Coastal Bend Pride Center
Corpus Christi$7,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Coastal Bend Pride CenterCorpus Christi$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Costal Bend Pride CenterCorpus Christi$10,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
Communities of Color United: Coalition for Racial JusticeAustin$2,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Community In SchoolsAustin$4,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Dallas Hope CharitiesDallas$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Dallas Hope CharitiesDallas$3,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Dune's LGBT FoundationDune's LGBT Homeless Solutions FoundationFort Worth$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Dune's LGBT Homeless Solutions FoundationFort Worth$5,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Dune’s LGBT Homeless Solutions FoundationFort Worth$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$7,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$3,500Community Grant2019General Operations
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$3,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Eagle Pass SAFEEagle Pass$6,000Community Grant2022General Operations
East Lubbock Art HouseLubbock$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
East Lubbock Art HouseLubbock$2,416QTCF2020General Operations
East Lubbock Art HouseLubbock$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
East Lubbock Art HouseLubbock$4,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$4,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$6,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Elevate North Texas Youth ShelterNorth Texas (DFW)$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Embrace AustinAustin$2,394QTCF2020General Operations
Embrace AustinAustin$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Fiesta YouthSan Antonio$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
Fiesta YouthSan Antonio$8,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
Freedom ChurchHouston$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Freedom Church HoustonHouston$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Fundación Latinoamericana De Acción SocialHouston$1,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Gender & Sexuality Center at UT AustinAustin$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Gender InfinityHouston$7,500Community Grant2018Project Support
Gender InfinityHouston$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
GENtexRio Grande Valley$7,000Community Grant2023General Operations
GENtexRGV$10,000Community Grant2021General Operations
GENTexRio Grande Valley$10,000Community Grant2022General Operations
GENtexRGV$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
HOMEDallas-Fort Worth$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
House of RebirthNorth Texas$6,000Community Grant2022General Operations
House of RebirthDallas$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Houston Intersex SocietyHouston$4,000Community Grant2021General Operations
I NEED SPACEAustin$4,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Institute for Chicanx PsychologyAustin$2,165QTCF2020General Operations
Just Love CollaborativeDallas$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Just Love Collaborative Inc.Dallas$4,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Kind ClinicAustin$3,500Community Grant2018Project Support
Legacy Community HealthHouston$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Legacy CounselingDallas$9,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Legacy Counseling CenterAustin$5,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Lesbian Health InitiativeHouston$5,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Lesbian Health InitiativeHouston$5,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Lesbian Health InitiativeHouston$2,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Living Pos San AntonioSan Antonio$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Living Pos San AntonioSan Antonio$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
LubbockPRIDELubbock$6,000Community Grant2022General Operations
LubbockPRIDELubbock$8,000Community Grant2023General Operations
LULAC #22423 PrideLubbock$4,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Lyfe Journey UnfoldingAubrey$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Lyfe Journey UnfoldingDallas-Fort Worth$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Mayahuel MatriarchsCentral Texas$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
MCC San AntonioSan Antonio$5,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Monica Roberts Resource CenterHouston$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Monica Roberts Resource CenterHouston$2,565QTCF2022General Operations
Montrose CenterHouston$11,000Hurricane Harvey Fund2017Rapid Funding
Montrose CenterHouston$8,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Montrose CenterHouston$5,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
Montrose CenterHouston$7,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Montrose Grace PlaceHouston$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Montrose Grace PlaceHouston$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Montrose Grace PlaceHouston$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
Montrose Grace PlaceHouston$5,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Normal Anomaly InitiativeHouston$4,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Normal Anomaly InitiativeHouston$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Nu Trans Movement, Inc.Texas$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Organizacion latina Trans in TexasHouston$4,061
QTCF Rapid Grant2024Emergency Unrestricted
Organizacion latina Trans in TexasHouston$4,250QTCF2020General Operations
Organizacion latina Trans in TexasHouston$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Out in West TexasOdessa$7,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Out In West TexasMidland$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Out in West TexasMidland$1,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Out YouthAustin$10,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Panhandle AIDS Support OrganizationAmarillo$2,645QTCF2020General Operations
Panhandle AIDS Support OrganizationAmarillo$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
PFLAG El PasoEl Paso$7,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
PoderososRGV$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Pride Center San AntonioSan Antonio$5,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Pride Center San AntonioSan Antonio$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
Pride Center San AntonioSan Antonio$8,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Pride Center West TexasOdessa$8,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Pride Center West TexasWest Texas$10,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Pride Community CenterCollege Station$7,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Pride Community Center, IncCollege Station$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Pride Community Clinic, UT HealthSan Antonio$7,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Pride FriscoFrisco $6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Promise HouseDallas$9,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Promise HouseDallas$5,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
QueertopiaAustin$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
RAICESSan Antonio$5,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Resource CenterDallas$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Resource CenterDallas$5,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
Resource CenterDallas$7,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
River City AdvocacyNew Braunfels$5,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Save our Sisters UnitedHouston$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Save our Sisters UnitedHouston$2,486QTCF2020General Operations
Save our Sisters UnitedHouston$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Save Our Sisters United, Inc.Houston$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Smile Big Texas Amarillo$7,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Smile Big TexasStatewide (Amarillo)$4,000Community Grant2022General Operations
South Texas Equality ProjectRGV$10,000Community Grant2023General Operations
South Texas Equality ProjectHarlingen$2,458QTCF2020General Operations
South Texas Equality ProjectRio Grande Valley$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Students Engaged in Advancing Texas Texas$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Taylor PrideTaylor$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Texas Legal Services CenterAustin$10,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Texas Trangender HealthAustin$5,000Community Grant2018Project Support
TFA RGV PRISMRio Grande Valley$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Pride CenterSan Antonio$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
The Hardheaded FoundationDallas$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
The Hardheaded FoundationDallas$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
The Hardheaded FoundationDallas$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
The Lazarus House: a center for WellnessHouston$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
The Mahogany ProjectHouston$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
The Mahogany ProjectHouston$2,938QTCF2020General Operations
The Mahogany ProjectHouston$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
The Mahogany ProjectHouston$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
The Muhlaysia Booker FoundationDallas$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
The Normal Anomaly InitiativeHouston$6,000Community Grant2022General Operations
The Normal Anomaly InitiativeHouston$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
The Opal CenterTexoma (Wichita Falls)$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
The Velvet Arts ProjectDallas-Fort Worth$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
The Wright Cause Urban Youth ConservationDallas$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Thrive Youth CenterSan Antonio$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Thrive Youth CenterSan Antonio$10,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Thrive Youth CenterSan Antonio$5,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Thrive Youth CenterSan Antonio$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Tierrita GrandeSan Antonio$4,500Community Grant2023General Operations
Trans AlliesSan Antonio$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Trans Legal Aid Clinic of TexasHouston$4,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Trans Legal Aid Clinic of TexasStatewide (Houston)$4,061QTCF Rapid Grant2024Emergency Unrestricted
Trans Legal Aid Clinic of TexasStatewide (Houston)$8,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Trans Legal Aid Clinic of TexasStatewide (Houston)$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Trans Legal Aid Clinic of TexasStatewide (Houston)$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Trans Pride InitiativeDallas$3,000Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Trans-FronterizxsEl Paso$4,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Transforming TexasSan Antonio$2,787 QTCF2020General Operations
TransfronterizxsEl Paso$2,978QTCF2020General Operations
Transgender Education Network of TexasAustin$6,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Transgender Education Network of TexasTexas$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Transgender Foundation of AmericaHouston$4,865QTCF2022General Operations
Trucha RGVRio Grande Valley$4,000Community Grant2022General Operations
TTU Office of LGBTQIALubbock$3,500Community Grant2019
General Operations
TTU Office of LGBTQIALubbock$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
TTU Office of LGBTQIALubbock$1,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
TXRX LabsHouston$7,000Community Grant2019
General Operations
UT Health San Antonio$10,000Community Grant2019General Operations
Valley AIDS CouncilHarlingen$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Valley AIDS CouncilHarlingen$6,000Community Grant2021General Operations
Velvet Arts ProjectDallas$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Velvet Arts ProjectDallas$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Village UnlimitedCarrolton$12,833Texas Health Impact2024Ending HIV
Village UnlimitedCarrolton$12,500
Texas Health Impact2023Ending HIV
Village UnlimitedArlington$3,000Community Grant2023General Operations
Village UnlimitedDallas-Fort Worth$3,000Community Grant2022General Operations
Waterloo Counseling CenterAustin$10,000Community Grant2018Project Support
Waterloo Counseling CenterAustin$5,500Covid 19 Emergency2020General Operations
Whatsinthemirror?Austin$2,610QTCF2020General Operations
Whatsinthemirror?Austin$5,000Community Grant2022General Operations
2024 Community Grants Cycle RFP Coming Late Q2 of 2024
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2023 Community Grants Reference Information

Slide Deck from March 27 & 29, 2022: 2023 Community Grants Webinar

See Two Part Sample Community Grants Application (PDF) Part 1 Organization Profile and Part 2 Narrative Section. Note: Applications must be submitted via portal link above. Do not submit PDF.


Launched in 2023: Our Texas Health Impact Grant Cohort

As a ViiV Healthcare Amp Grant Program Lead, TPIF has launched our Texas Health Impact Grant cohort (2023 - 2025) of thirteen organizations across Texas serving those most vulnerable to HIV and the stigma associated with it, and who face the steepest barriers to obtaining treatment. Specifically our target populations are MSM (gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men) and  the transgender community, primarily Black and Latinx individuals and their families. Our cohort consists of thirteen community-based organizations working in the areas of Advocacy for Persons Living with HIV and Linkage and Engagement to Care. The organizations are receiving general operating support and technical assistance through three consecutive, one-year grants.