TPIF - An IRS designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Texas Pride Impact Funds' 501(c) (3) status and EIN (81-4143670) were granted July 5, 2018.

TPIF operated exclusively as a component fund of The Dallas Foundation beginning in 2016 through December 31, 2022. All financial activities were under the control of The Dallas Foundation, a 501(c)(3) publicly supported charity, Federal Tax ID 75-2890371.

Today The Dallas Foundation continues to provide TPIF with fiscal oversight and investment management for our general fund and TPIF Donor Advised Funds. The Dallas Foundation also continues servicing TPIF grant awards, helping our staff and Board of Directors to focus on grant programs, statewide LGBTQ+ community building and donor engagement. Beginning in 2022 TPIF began managing some revenue and expense activities under our own EIN number and our first (2022) 990 will reflect financial activities associated with Texas Pride Impact Funds' EIN. As our fiscal sponsor, The Dallas Foundation has full access to the TPIF-managed bank account and all associated transactions.

Beginning with our inaugural (2021) annual report, TPIF publishes a summary of the year’s highlights, including our programs, grantmaking, and financial performance. Read our annual reports to see the breadth and depth of the growing work TPIF is privileged to do thanks to the generosity of our many supporters.


For additional information requests, please contact Christi Saylors, Director of Community Funds, The Dallas Foundation, [email protected] or Ron Guillard, [email protected].

2022 IRS Form 990

TPIF's 2022 IRS Form 990 (under EIN 81-4143670). NOTE: our 2022 990 represents a PARTIAL of our full operations. Our 990 primarily represents general donations and employee expenses.

The Dallas Foundation's IRS Form 990 reports Texas Pride Impact Funds' grant making and Donor Advised Fund activities as a Component Fund of the Dallas Foundation.

TPIF's combined 2022 financials are summarized here:


For additional information requests, please contact Christi Saylors, Director of Community Funds, The Dallas Foundation, [email protected] or Ron Guillard, [email protected].

What Does Legacy Mean to You

As I reflect on both my own movement and community work, and the work of my trans elders and ancestors, legacy keeps coming up.  What is more important than my own sustainability in the movement for Black Trans Liberation, to me, is the pouring into, and uplifting of new Black, Trans leaders in community.  For me, it is important that the future of the work looks like and is indicative of the spectrum of Black Transness; from the academic and scholarly to those with backgrounds in the hood, those impacted and living with HIV, those with Housing insecurity, and other marginalizations.  And teach and create courageous, braver spaces that exist to experience expansive joy, happiness, and liberation.

It is there, in joy, happiness, and liberation where we can see a shift in not just how we experience those things, feelings, emotions and states of being, but also our collective community and movement work.