Texas Pride Impact Funds' work reflects the dynamic and diverse makeup of our LGBTQ+ communities and is intentionally broad to address their full suite of dreams and needs. Our Core Ideologies center equity and justice in all we do. Furthermore, our Discovery Grantmaking prioritizes a focus on historically under-resourced communities to spur innovation, build grantee capacity and expand access especially in rural and border communities as well as our urban centers.

Ways To Give

By donating today, you fund our Community Grants program and support our statewide networking of leaders and non-profits through local community building activities. We link resources to local organizations, making Texas communities better places to live for all. Donate to our Annual Fund at the Pride level or above and receive recognition on our website and at local events; you may choose one-time or recurring payment. We also offer Donor Advised Funds and Legacy Society Membership through planned giving options.

Connecting LGBTQ+ Texans through Giving

$1,200,000 Grant Funding, 2018 – 2022. Through our annual Community Grants program, Texas Health Impact Fund, and rapid response and emergency funding initiatives, TPIF has awarded over 150 grants to 90 organizations across Texas since our inaugural round of grants in November 2018.

Our Community Grants

In our effort to drive support and build capacity to communities that have been historically disadvantaged, TPIF has identified Focus Communities and Populations as places of emphasis for our work; Underserved Geographies (Rural, Border, Towns & Small Cities, Urban Segments), People of Transgender Experience, People of Color, Seniors, Youth, People with Disabilities, and Displaced Peoples (Immigrants, Homeless Youth, Refugees, Incarcerated).

Our annual Community Grants for non-profits provides support and services to the state’s LGBTQ+ communities with grants up to $10,000. In 2022 the total amount awarded increased by 40% over prior years due to growth in our generous donor base in conjunction with expanding awareness of TPIF and our work supporting the vital ecosystem of LGBTQ+ supportive non-profits in Texas. Our accessible grantmaking is designed to learn more about the community and the potential of grantee organizations in addressing community needs. We refrain from prescribing specific outcomes and instead provide general operating support, occasionally for specific capacity initiatives, encouraging potentially different kinds of success that come from investment in community or grassroots knowledge, expertise, and ingenuity. Our Community Grants application opens in the first quarter of each year.

Texas Health Impact Grant

Texas Health Impact Grant program is a three year program designed for grassroot organizations currently leading work, or seeking to develop innovative work, focused on two key areas: 1) Linkage and Engagement to Care and 2) Advocacy for People Living with HIV/AIDS, those vulnerable to HIV, and their families, particularly focusing on Black and Latinx transgender individuals and Black and Latinx MSM. Selected by ViiV Healthcare as one of thirteen AMP Grant Program Leads, TPIF is a proud member of a nationwide cohort working to disrupt disparities and prioritize the needs of people living with, and impacted by, HIV across the US.

Through a generous Racial Equity Fund grant from The Dallas Foundation, we are increasing the number of Dallas County organizations participating in our three-year Texas Health Impact Grant program, with state-wide funding from ViiV Healthcare. RFP available 9:00am CT Tuesday, September 27, 2022. 


TPIF, with Equality Texas Foundation, originally launched Queer Texas Crisis Fund (QTCF) in the summer of 2020 as an innovative partnership between the two organizations to raise money during the COVID-19 pandemic to support LGBTQ+ serving nonprofit organizations providing emergency relief to communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. This unique partnership brings together complementary strengths of the two organizations and their collective access to resources.

In 2022, the partnership launched again in response to the political attacks on trans youth and their parents. $42,000 of rapid response funding was distributed to grassroots nonprofits serving trans individuals, their families, and communities in Texas.

Fundraising is ongoing for a second round of funding this fall for transgender supportive organizations in Texas.

Our Community-Based, Five-Year Plan

As we approach the $1 million milestone in grantmaking, we adopted a five-year strategic plan. Armed with a bold vision and a keen focus, we have a roadmap to reach ambitious goals that advance our vision for a Texas where all LGBTQ+ people live freely and fully.