Our Community-Based Plan

During 2020's uncertainty, our Board of Directors concluded it was the right time in our growth - along with the right environmental conditions - to undertake our first, formal strategic planning initiative. The community-based process was led by a strategic planning committee, our "Catalyst Committee," comprised of thirty-one community leaders from around the state. Five Vision Teams were also formed with subject matter experts to develop long-term objectives and benchmarks on a range of community needs and operational topics. Over 100 individuals from across Texas and the nation participated in the seven month process.

In addition to developing the five-year plan, the Catalyst Committee and Vision Teams realigned elements of our Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategy Statements, and articulated our Focus Communities and Populations, ensuring that racial justice and equity are embedded in all we do.

On August 21, 2021 our Board of Directors, Catalyst Committee and Vision Teams stakeholders gathered for a day of plan presentation, adoption, and the beginning of implementation.

Our Strategy

TPIF engages and mobilizes donors and funders:

  1. in giving to current grantmaking that moves resources to strengthen diverse organizations, projects, and leaders building equitable opportunities for support, advocacy, and community serving every part of the state.
  2. in legacy giving to an endowment that secures our community’s future funding and capacity well beyond our own lifetime.

Our Five-Year Objectives

1) Increase grantmaking annually to $1,000,000 per year by 2026.
Increase the capacity of organizations, projects, and leaders serving LGBTQ+ peoples by increasing grantmaking annually from all TPIF sources to $1.0 million a year by 2026 as a 5-year objective.

2) Increase TPIF’s capacity to fund $1,000,000 in annual grantmaking and necessary operations by 2026:
a. Increase annual giving to TPIF to $1,000,000.
b. Increase donor advised funds to 25 with annual grantmaking over $250,000.
c. Increase assets (DAF holdings/Reserves/Endowment) to $1,000,000.
d. Achieve estate gift Letters of Intent (LOI) with a total of $10,000,000 in pledges.

3) Develop the current organizational structure to expand the donor and funder community to an active network of 500 - 1000 members mobilizing resources, engaging others, and making connections to community organizations, projects, and leaders that enhance and support LGBTQ+ peoples’ lives. Build strong leadership for the network that inspires resources and support for TPIF.

4) TPIF continues to develop and advance our grantmaking to spur innovation, build grantee capacity, and expand access for Focus Communities and Populations.

TPIF’s accessible grantmaking is designed to learn more about the community and the potential of grantee organizations in addressing community needs. We refrain from prescribing specific outcomes and instead provide general operating support, occasionally for specific capacity initiatives, encouraging potentially different kinds of success that come from investment in community or grassroots knowledge, expertise, and ingenuity. Learning from this grantmaking can help set baselines, determine future possible directions, and spur additional giving to TPIF to replicate successes and encourage more innovation.

TPIF will pursue heightened, ongoing dialogue with community leaders, grantees, and donors to continually assess the current environment and unaddressed needs of LGBTQ+ people in Texas. We will actively determine in partnership with the community the populations and areas of need to focus funding while building baselines for creating and evaluating outcomes in the future.