Families of transgender youth in Texas face sustained, alarming threats of state interference, including seeing their love and affirmation for their children classified as “child abuse.”

Coming to their aid, QTCF, the Texas Pride Impact Funds and Equality Texas partnership, has already provided $42,000 in rapid response funding this year to non-profits responding in numerous ways to the complex needs of trans kids and their parents and trans individuals facing adversity from these political, public attacks.

New donations to QTCF 2022, launched in conjunction with the beginning of Pride Month, will result in another round of funds later this summer to fight the continued politically-driven assault on people of trans experience, especially trans children and their parents. This assault is placing escalating duress on already under-resourced, grassroots organizations dedicated to support the trans community. We want to bring attention and resources to these highly effective organizations that are motivated by a passionate concern for trans kids; their families and trans individuals. We know these organizations often work tirelessly, to the extent that is sustainable, regardless of available resources.

Thank you for your generosity and compassion.