Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Our organization has a program focused on LGBTQ+ communities, but our work serves a broader community. Are we a good fit for funding from Texas Pride Impact Funds?

A: As per our focus communities, our main priority is on backing smaller, grassroots organizations within Texas' LGBTQ+ community, particularly those lacking access to mainstream funding avenues. We acknowledge that in certain regions and communities, this mission intersects with organizations whose primary focus may not be LGBTQ+ oriented. If your organization serves as the sole support for LGBTQ+ individuals in your locality, you're likely a good fit for our support.

Additionally, if your organization is led by QTBIPOC individuals who approach their leadership from an intersectional standpoint, you're also likely aligned with our mission. We recognize the challenges faced by queer and trans people of color within the broader LGBTQ+ movement due to systemic racism.

As part of our commitment to racial equity, we aim to broaden the scope of LGBTQ+ advocacy and community-building within communities of color.

Q:  Our group/organization does not have a 501c3 status or a fiscal sponsor. Can we receive funding from Pride Foundation?

A: We are only able to grant funds to organizations who are a 501c3 or who are fiscally sponsored by a 501c3.

Q:  Our group/organization is fiscally sponsored by an organization that is also applying for a grant from Texas Pride Impact Funds. Can we both apply?

A: As long as the work is separate, both organizations can apply.

Q:  What is the average grant amount?

A: Typically, our Community Grant Cycle awards range between $3k-10k.

Q: When are grant applications due and when will we be notified of the grant decision?

A: See this year’s Community Grants Schedule


Q:  What volunteer opportunities exist at Texas Pride Impact Funds?

A: Texas Pride Impact Funds relies on volunteer support with formulating and executing community-based grant reviewers, supporting fundraising efforts, and participating with specific expertise on our Board Action Groups. You can reach out to us for more information via email at [email protected].

Q:  Can I volunteer from any part of Texas?

A: TPIF heavily encourages volunteering at local levels. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on how you can get connected to volunteer opportunities in your community.