How would you like to be remembered?

Legacy Gifts are donations made through wills, trusts and beneficiary designations. They are part of the story of your life – explaining who you are and what you are passionate about – gifts that ensure your assets will continue to support causes you care about when you no longer need them. Legacy giving to Texas Pride Impact Funds (TPIF) is a natural next step in your journey supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

I invite you to be a vital part of our future by establishing a Legacy Gift that will impact generations of LGBTQ+ Texans to come. There are many ways to give, and we are here with resources to help you.


Ron Guillard

Executive Director


Use our new Legacy Gift Tool Kit to help you consider your options and get started on Legacy Giving.

Set Up a Time to TalkFor information on making a Legacy Gift, please contact Ron Guillard, Executive Director, at (833) -800-8743 (ext. 1) or [email protected].

Let Us Know: If you are considering or have made a Legacy Gift to TPIF, we would ask that you let us know so we can track and recognize your gift. Please download and complete TPIF’s Letter of Intent and return it to us. TPIF  LOI form.

Legacy Society: By notifying us about your future legacy gift, you become a member of our Legacy Society. We will honor the first 100 Legacy Society members* in our annual report, in literature and on our website. All Legacy Society members will receive invitations to periodic events with updates on the successes of the organization. Your gift will be an inspiration to other LGBTQ+ people and allies in creating a culture of LGBTQ+ giving.

* TPIF will always keep confidential any specific information about your intentions and will always respect any donor's wishes to remain anonymous to the public.

View our Legacy Giving print brochure in flipbook format: